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Types of Sessions

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Ask An Expert: Presenters who are experts in their field present on a specific issue; most of presentation is structured around attendee questions on the specific topic.


Debate Panel: Sessions that include panelists from different institutions or representing divergent viewpoints often make for lively discussions. Please indicate how audience participation will be facilitated.


Demonstration: Presenter will show a tool or technology, and may offer limited audience participation.


Discussion: One or more facilitators briefly to kick off and facilitate a discussion with their peers about a significant teaching with technology issue. Proposal description includes questions and methods to keep the flow of the discussion going.


Exhibitor/Sponsor Presentation, demonstration, or workshop: Exhibitor sessions experience the highest ratings and attendance when they do one of two things: 1) They are truly hands-on sessions focused on the audience's target needs (see hands-on guidelines ). 2) The exhibitors work hand-in-hand with a well respected faculty partner to demonstrate a relevant use of their product.


General Presentation: a lecture-style presentation that is not covered in any other of our categories. 


Hands-on workshop: See Hands-On Presentation Guidelines


Research presentation: Speakers present data and findings on their research topic related to teaching and learning with technology.


Technology Round-up: One or more speakers present information about specific technologies and their use in higher education. 



COLTT 2013 Technology Levels of Presentations:  


For Mere Mortals: structured, well-paced for any audience member including those with little or moderate experience using technology in teaching. Accommodates questions, explains and demonstrates the topic. 

Advanced: at a faster pace than the mere mortals level, more exploratory or in-depth. May assume previous knowledge of the subject area.


Call For Proposals Criteria

Suggested Topics

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