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Technology Information for Presenters

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  • USE ETHERNET HARDWIRE FOR PRESENTATIONS: All of our presentation rooms are equipped with the capability to connect directly to the internet using an ethernet cable. PLEASE rely on this connection for your presentation rather than wireless.


  • We suggest that you use some form of back up documentation such as a back up flash drive or have your files stored online, just in case. Every year at COLTT someone's computer chooses the moment or day of their presentation to stop working. We try to have a couple of backup laptops that you can check out just in case and it is a lot easier to quickly access your presentation on a loaner computer if it is in the cloud or on a drive.


  • If you need passwords to access any online services during COLTT, we recommend that you bring your password with you.


  • Presenters asking participants to use websites during presentations:
    • Please keep in mind that groups of participants attempting to reach one particular website at the same time can create a slow-down despite our robust wireless network. Therefore, you may wish to stagger the group.
  • All presenter rooms have projection, audio, and cables.
  • If you have a MAC please remember to bring your connector (called a dongle!) They are unique to each MAC!
  • The buildings on campus have wireless. If you are projecting streaming video and other bandwidth demanding items you can utilize the wired connection (network cable) and we strongly suggest that you do so. On our campus you can use 5HELP or contact a COLTT staff member to get help. We plan to have an Academic Technology Support person dedicated to our event.
  • You will find log-in information to wireless or our computers in your COLTT program.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Please remember to have attendees fill out evaluation slips before leaving your session.

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