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Dissecting a Game: Game Mechanics in a Multiplayer Game

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Dissecting a Game: Game Mechanics in a Multiplayer Game


Primary Presenter: Chris Luchs

Co-Presenters: Kae Novak and Jim Vernon

Organization: CCCOnline

Role: Assoicate Dean, CTE

Track: Discussion

Topic: Gaming in Education

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Immerse yourself in the mechanics that games leverage to engage, assess, and reward players. This discussion of game mechanics and game elements will include achievement, behavioral momentum, blissful productivity, reward schedules, epic meaning, and many more. This presentation provides participants an overview of the various tools game designers use to create engaging, compelling content that champions hard fun and real-time assessment. Examples will be drawn from the World of Warcraft in Business pilot project.



Bio: Chris is the Associate Dean of Career and Technical Education for CCCOnline. In addition to his administrative duties, he has also taught Accounting, Business, and Multimedia Graphic Design in the Colorado Community College system for over seven years. He is also the Project Lead for the Hackathon Project, an pilot project that seeks to research and implement best practices from Hackathons into existing instruction of Computer Science within CCCS.


Description: This presentation will provide participants with an overview of game mechanics and elements drawing from the World of Warcraft (WoW) in Business project and its implementation over the past year. The WoW in Business project was funded through the Colorado Community College System’s Immersive Learning Faculty Challenge Grant . Additionally the presenters will share anecdotes, observations and discuss where and how they have seen learning occur in the unique environment provided by multiplayer games such as WoW.

The presenters will start with a brief overview of the Immersive Learning Faculty Challenge grant and World of Warcraft in Business project, which was implemented into pilot sections of Introduction to Business and Introduction to Microeconomics. Then they will begin the discussion focusing on game design of WoW and game elements such as learning and reward structures, gamer disposition, real time assessment, affinity groups and behavioral momentum to name a few. The presenters will wrap up the discussion by addressing the preliminary results of the project.

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