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Game the MOOC! Lessons Learned from Designing a MOOC

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Game the MOOC! Lessons Learned from Designing a MOOC


Primary Presenter: Kae Novak

Organization: Front Range Community College

Role: Instructional Designer

Track: Discussion

Topic: MOOCs

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: What happens when you take the concept and spirit of a gaming guild and build four successive MOOCs? You get plenty of questions, skepticism, and even resistance to a different way of learning. Come discuss how the Games MOOC was informed by gaming guilds, the modding culture, MMORPGs, and a fierce determination not to default to behaviorist instruction. This is a lessons learned session when it comes to MOOC design and instruction.


Bio: Kae Novak is an Instructional Designer, Student Engagement and Assessment for Online Learning at Front Range Community College in Colorado. She is currently the Principal Investigator and Instructor for the Colorado Community College’s Games Based Learning MOOC http://gamesmooc.shivtr.com/. Kae is also the Chair Elect for ISTE’s Virtual Environment’s SIG (SIGVE) which explores learning in immersive environments such as MMORPGs, virtual worlds and augmented reality simulations.


Description: Participants will be provided with an overview of the Games Based Learning MOOC, which is part of the Colorado Community College's Immersive Learning Faculty Challenge Grant Program. Attendees will learn about the Games Based Learning MOOC and gain a behind the scenes tour of what it takes to teach using this new educational format. The presenter will discuss the lessons learned and share insights and anecdotes of her MOOC experiences as the designer and instructor of four successive MOOCs using a gaming site. The tour and discussion will include learning about what it takes to teach a MOOC and manage the expectations of participants. The technology and multiple modalities incorporated into the course and used daily in MMORPGs and gaming communities will be highlighted. This will include multiple modalities such as text, apps, VOIP, and Machinima. As always, players are encouraged and lurkers are welcome.


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