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Chromebooks in the Classroom

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Chromebooks in the Classroom


Primary Presenter: David Paul

Co-Presenter: Robert (Bud) Talbot

Organization: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center

Role: Manager of Educational Technology

Track: General Presentation

Topic: Disruptive Innovation

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Chromebooks provide an easy way to seamlessly integrate Google+ and Google Apps, which allows platform-independent collaboration inside and outside of the classroom. Ease of operation and built-in security features let faculty concentrate on teaching and students concentrate on learning. The devices can also be used offline or as a thin client. This presentation will give specific examples and lessons learned from a Chromebook deployment in the undergraduate classroom in addition to general information.


Bio: David Paul is Manager of Educational Technology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He has managed numerous successful technology roll-outs, including the campus online evaluation system, audience response (clickers) and lecture capture (Panopto). Always on the lookout for new ways to apply technology in the classroom, David is a strong advocate for Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education and is very excited about potential these products hold for classroom collaboration and platform independence.


Description: NOTE: The topics covered may change, as new product announcements are anticipated at the Google I/O Conference in May

Some of the questions we hope to address: What are Chromebooks? What can you do with one? What can’t they do (yet)? What is Google Docs for Education? How can Google+ help with classroom collaboration? Why use a Chromebook instead of another platform (since Google Apps and Google+ are platform independent)?

In this interactive presentation, we will discuss the above questions and Dr. Talbot’s deployment of Chromebooks in the undergraduate classroom environment. In describing this deployment, we will also discuss course use of Google + and Google Drive as integral to the course experience, and the role of the Chromebook in accessing those resources. Participants will be able to use a Samsung S550 Chromebook during the presentation.

Note: We hope to have a lively Q&A session where we will discuss the feasibility of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education in various situations.


Presenter Presentation Materials URL (Web Address):


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