Using Mobile Devices to Create Rich Experiences Beyond the Classroom

Using Mobile Devices to Create Rich Experiences Beyond the Classroom


Primary Presenter: David Rickels

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Role: Assistant Professor of Music Education

Track: Demonstration

Topic: Mobile Technology

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Mobile devices have become omnipresent, powerful tools many students have available in their daily lives. This session will explore strategies for using the media and web capabilities of these devices as tools for students to capture data, record experiences, and create assessable artifacts of their learning in situations outside the traditional classroom space. Attendees are welcome to bring their iOS devices to follow along with demonstrations using free and built-in apps.


Bio: David A. Rickels, Assistant Professor of Music Education, was appointed to the faculty of the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2012. He currently teaches courses in music education foundational studies, teaching methods, and graduate research. Dr. Rickels investigates technology applications in teacher education, and he is primarily interested in how mobile devices, online Web 2.0 tools, and rich media formats can enhance learning experiences. In particular, Dr. Rickels examines how these technologies can bridge the gap between experiences inside and outside of traditional classrooms. His work in this area has been presented at numerous peer-reviewed and invited conferences.


Description: This session will demonstrate several specific strategies for using iOS mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) as media tools for learning. These strategies will include capture, editing, and sharing of video, audio, and still images using the device capabilities in concert with web tools. The session will explore the usefulness of these strategies for communicating from instructor to student, student to instructor, and student to student, as well as examining the utility of these media formats for assessing student work in ways beyond traditional written products. The presenter will share examples of student work from several successful projects in courses with co-requisite field components, where mobile devices allowed students to bridge their learning between the classroom and the field environment. While some fee-based products will be demonstrated, many of the strategies highlighted in this session rely on built-in or free apps on the iOS platform. Attendees who bring iOS devices will have the opportunity to try out some of the products demonstrated during the session.


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Links to online resources will be provided as part of the session.