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Effects of Virtual Labs and Cooperative Learning in Anatomy Instruction

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Effects of Virtual Labs and Cooperative Learning in Anatomy Instruction


Primary Presenter: Andrew Saltarelli

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Role: Teaching and Learning Consultant

Track: Research Presentation

Topic: Recent research on teaching and learning with technology

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Virtual simulations are increasingly being used in anatomy instruction. Students from 15 undergraduate anatomy lab sections (n = 233) were randomly assigned to a 2 (instructional technology: cadaver, virtual cadaver software) x 2 (cooperative learning technique: jigsaw, individual) experimental-control study. Results suggest that cooperative learning promotes motivation and learning retention better than traditional instruction and may be an effective way to ameliorate students' negative perceptions of new learning technologies.


Bio: Andy has a doctorate in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology from Michigan State University and is a new member of the ASSETT team. He has worked in instructional design and instructional technology for the past 5 years and taught many online and face-to-face courses. Andy’s research centers on the ways in which instructional technologies interact with the social psychological processes underlying teaching and learning. He’s particularly interested in examining the ways in which student-to-student relationships and computer-mediated communication affect motivation, cognition, and achievement in online learning contexts.


Description: During this session, methods and results of the study will be quickly disseminated. A 3-minute video will then be played, which shows the jigsaw activity being conducted in an anatomy course with student testimonials. Finally, participants will be given time to examine ways in which cooperative learning techniques can be combined with instructional technologies.


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