Connecting Clouds: Tips for Working (and Living) in the Cloud

Connecting Clouds: Tips for Working (and Living) in the Cloud


Primary Presenter: Travis Chillemi

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Role: Communication Technology Manager

Track: Technology Round-Up

Topic: Social Media (Facebook, Wiki, Google)

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: A lot of communication is moving to the cloud. The problem is that we aren't all in the same clouds. We have replaced communication silos on the ground with silos in the sky. Which clouds should we use? Which should we avoid? And how can we get them to talk to each other? In this session we'll explore how web-based applications can improve our work and personal lives.


Bio: After graduating from CU with a BFA (Multimedia) in 2003, Travis worked as part of many e-learning and web development teams. Travis currently serves as the Communication Technology Manager for Finance and Procurement Business Services. He enjoys building things for the web that are easy to use. He is willing to use nearly any tool, technique, or technology to do so. His specialties include empathy, listening, evaluating, imagining, and problem solving. He couples these with HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Drupal, and Wordpress to create technologies that make working (and living) a bit easier.