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Image-Video Editing with the Latest Version of Photoshop

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Image/Video Editing with the Latest Version of Photoshop


Primary Presenter: Scott Trudeau

Organization: Adobe Inc.

Role: Senior Solutions Consultant

Track: Exhibitor Hands-On Workshop

Topic: Multimedia 

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: In this 2-hour hands-on session you will learn why Adobe Photoshop is the premiere image editing solution. Participants will learn how to edit and manipulate images, add special effects, create amazing 3D effects, and even edit video.


Bio: Scott is a Senior Solutions Consultant with Adobe. He has a long history of using Adobe products in education. After working for many years as a Technology Consultant and Web Design Specialist in Texas, he now focuses on helping schools and universities effectively integrate a variety of Adobe solutions into their institutions. Scott is frequently traveling around the country presenting on “all things Adobe.”


Description: Participants will need the latest version of Photoshop. They can download a trial version from www.adobe.com.


Presenter Presentation Materials URL (Web Address):


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