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The Importance of Predictive Analytics in Education

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The Importance of Predictive Analytics in Education


Primary Presenter: Barry Dahl

Organization: Desire2Learn

Role: Sales Executive

Track: Exhibitor Demonstration

Topic: Analytics

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to graduate students more quickly and in greater numbers than ever to compete in the global economy. Institutions are looking to predictive analytics to help understand and address the growing problem of low graduation rates. This session will explore some of the dynamics behind student attrition and poor graduation rates and demonstrate how predictive analytics can provide both the insight and knowledge necessary to drive corrective action.


Bio: Barry Dahl is the Sr. Community Manager at Desire2Learn. Barry has many years of experience as a keynote speaker, conference planner and host, e-Learning quality improvement projects, strategic planning for e-Learning growth, e-Services development, and gathering student data related to satisfaction and engagement for online learning. Barry previously served as the Vice President of Technology at Lake Superior College (LSC) in Duluth, MN, where he was the senior administrator in charge of online learning for ten years. Barry served as an accounting faculty member for a total of 17 years.




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