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Emerging Academic Technologies in the Language Learning Classroom

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Emerging Academic Technologies in the Language Learning Classroom


Primary Presenter: Russell Moon

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Role: Academic Technology Coordinator

Track: General Presentation

Topic: Gamification, assessment, flipped class

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: CU Boulder's International English Center has begun to incorporate new learning technologies to improve student engagement and interest in the challenging task of language learning. This presentation will explore three technology-supported approaches: classroom flipping, gamification, and online objectives tracking using a CMS. We will present methods, qualitative results from student surveys, and suggestions for best practices.


Bio: Russell Moon has been an English as a Second Language instructor in higher education for 13 years (both internationally and in the United States) and for the past eight years, has held official positions as an academic technology coordinator. His current work at CU Boulder's International English Center involves developing technology-based curriculum for language classes, providing technology training for faculty members, and exploring new ways to use the university's CMS (Desire2Learn) to improve the language class experience. His current research interests include studying the effectiveness of using the flipped classroom with language learners and gamification of language learning.


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