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Noah Counter Noah: A Dialogue on Student Learning, Teaching, Technology, and Everything

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Noah Counter Noah: A Dialogue on Student Learning, Teaching, Technology, and Everything


Primary Presenter: Noah Finkelstein

Co-Presenters: Noah Podolefsky, moderated by Deborah Keyek-Franssen

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Track: Discussion

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract:Join Noah Finkelstein and Noah Podolefsky as they describe and debate efforts in Physics and STEM education to improve student learning. Their Physics Education Research (PER) group at CU-Boulder develops and studies uses of technology in physics education, rich student assessments, and theoretical models of student learning. It proposes educational reforms to transform Physics education nationwide. Hear about successes in the use of in-class student response systems and online interactive simulations. Submit questions to encourage sparring about this topic.


Bio: Noah Finkelstein is a Professor of Physics at CU Boulder and directs both the Physics Education Research (PER) group and CU’s Center for STEM Learning. He conducts research and publishes widely in physics education, specifically studying the conditions that support students’ interest and ability in physics – developing models of context. Noah Podolefsky is a Research Associate at CU Boulder, and a senior member of the PhET Interactive Simulations Group, and an active member of the Physics Education Research (PER) group. He studies design and implementation of computer simulations for student engagement and learning, human computer interaction, and the intersection of technology, context, and culture.


Description: Noah Finkelstein is involved in education policy serving on many national boards (for the APS, AAPT, APLU and AAU), is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and a Presidential Teaching Scholar for the University of Colorado system.


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