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Refresher Course: Not Into Twitter, Can We Change Your Mind

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Refresher Course: Not Into Twitter? Can We Change Your Mind?


Primary Presenter: Mark Gammon

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Role: Academic Technology Researcher

Track: Demonstration

Topic: Social Media (Facebook, Wiki, Google)

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Feeling rusty or still just not sure about this Twitter thing? Join us for an introduction and refresher on finding success with Twitter. We'll cover how to get started, provide an overview of key principles, and offer tips and strategies for using Twitter at the COLTT Conference and beyond.


Bio: Mark Gammon is a researcher with Academic Technology at CU Boulder. Mark has been working in social media for nearly a decade, both as a researcher and as a practitioner. He has advanced degrees in student affairs and sociology, where his Ph.D. dissertation focused on better understanding college students and their relationships with social-mobile technologies. Mark currently has a research fellowship in social media and is working on several projects related to social media and higher education. 


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