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iPadz R Cool, But How Can I Use One for Skool

Page history last edited by Molly Hepworth 6 years, 11 months ago

Ipadz-R-Cool, But How Can I Use One For Skool?


Primary Presenter: Georgina Cornwall

Organization: Colorado Mountain College

Role: Biology Instructor

Track: Technology Round-Up

Topic: Mobile Technology

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: This a very exciting time in online education, with a growing number of cool technologies that can help us engage with our students, as well as help our students engage with each other to improve learning. iPads (tablets) are one of the greatest new tools available to us as instructors. But which apps are truly effective in teaching and learning? Featuring remote desktops, interactive whiteboards, screencast tutorials, annotating assignments, mind-mapping, note-taking, scanning and more!


Bio: Dr. G’s passion for teaching lays in implementation and utilization of appropriate teaching and learning technologies into the classroom and online learning environment, in a way that improves our students’ experience. This, along with creating lasting authentic connections with students (both online and in the classroom) is paramount to her teaching philosophy.


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